Consultancy for Donor risk assessment

Objective of the assignment

The objective of the study is to analyse the risks, reputational risk in particular, related to all the 20 identified donors that could, in any way, impair the brand image, and credibility of Vi Agroforestry.

Specific objectives:

  • To understand, and evaluate the risks, reputational in particular, associated with receiving funds from the 20 already identified potential donors.
  • To report and share all the external adverse events, defective workplace practices, legal/compliance issues and senior management missteps – all of these, and many others similar issues that could threaten Vi Agroforestry’s brand image and credibility. This also applies to the parent company (ies) of the philanthropic arms (for instance: foundation, trusts and public charities).
  • The assessment of any additional added values that a partnership with the potential donor can bring to Vi Agroforestry in terms of visibility, access to forums and platforms, and possibility for advocacy.
  • To provide recommendations for future resource mobilization strategy for Vi Agroforestry.

Profile of the Consultant/team

  • The consultant(s) should have a minimum of three years of monitoring and evaluation experience of projects and programmes and knowledge of issues related to development cooperation and preferably human rights, sustainable land use management, climate change and gender equality.
  • Documented experience of reviews, donor mapping and donor risk assessment.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) of the consultant(s) should be provided. The CV should include details on engagements carried out by the reviewer or member of the consultancy team, including ongoing assignments indicating responsibilities assumed, qualifications and experience in undertaking similar assessments or studies.

Term of validity of the consultancy and method of payment

The consultancy is expected to have a maximum duration of 10 business days – from the signing of the contract. The first draft of the report should be submitted, no later than 10th January and the final report by 18th January. Two payments will be made as mentioned under expected product/deliverables above.

Receipt of offers

The submitted offer shall include:

  • Cover letter
  • Resumé of the responsible consultant/team with updated references and references of similar assignments.
  • Technical and financial Offer, including timeline.

Se full ToR here: Terms of Reference-Donor risk assessment-Final

Offers shall be sent to both following electronic mail: and

The deadline of the submission of the offer is 12th December 2020.

For more information contact:, Phone: +46 72 077 4333