Carbon Offsetting

Vi Agroforestry is working in four different ways with climate offsetting; via the standard Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project, Tree sustain life, GREAN and Mount Elgon/Livlihoods funds. The support given to farmers who participate in carbon offsetting is similar to that for other farmers that Vi Agroforestry works with. The focus in all cases is: poverty reduction, environmental improvement through agroforestry, improved farming practices and support to farm enterprise development. Agroforestry enhances carbon sequestration and thereby it contributes to mitigation of climate change. Since the climate-adapted agricultural advocated by the Vi Agroforestry increases the sequestration of carbon in the trees and in the soil, it will help to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project

In the project, Kenya Agriculture Carbon Project (KACP) Vi Agroforestry cooperates with The World Bank. The project has developed a method to estimate the climate benefits of Sustainable Agriculture Land Management practices (SALM). This is done by measuring sustainable agriculture potential for carbon storage, especially in the soils. The method was developed to be suitable for small-holder farmers who farm on degraded soils. In 2011, the method of Sustainable Agriculture Land Management was approved by one of the most well-known standards in the voluntary carbon market, Verra. The project was the first carbon project in Africa for land and agriculture. The project aims to maintain and restore degraded agricultural land into functioning ecosystems from a landscape perspective. It is essential to increase farmers’ resilience to climate change, the production of ecosystem services and food security. Operations are financed with funds raised, that are earmarked for climate offsetting according to the Verra standard.

Trees sustain life

Vi Agroforestry implements the project “Emiti Nibwo Bulora” – Swahili for “Tree sustain life” – in Kagera in Tanzania, since 2010. Vi Agroforestry´s work is certified according to the Plan Vivo standard. It is a standard designed for projects that aim to reduce poverty, restore ecosystems, increase adaptive capacity to climate change while mitigating climate change through sequestration of carbon in trees.


The GREAN project is providing an opportunity for the coffee producing organisations to own a new Fairtrade coffee brand, thus engaging them from production and processing, to packaging and marketing – an innovation of owning more of the coffee value chain and retaining the benefits of value addition for their farmer members. Coffee husks available within coffee farming communities provides an alternative energy source if processed into briquettes. The GREAN project supports manufacturing and sales of coffee husk briquettes and certified improved cookstoves, benefitting particularly women and youth groups. Through the improved cookstoves, the coffee producing organisations accesses carbon credits and financial resources from the private sector. This is anticipated to contribute to green growth, jobs creation and improved livelihoods among their members. The project is certified by Verra.

Mount Elgon / Livlihoods funds

In 2016, Vi Agroforestry began a collaborative effort with the Parisbased investment fund Livelihoods Funds and East Africa’s largest dairy company Brookside, which has gained momentum in 2017. The aim is to use agroforestry methods to increase milk production and harvests on the farmers’ farms and also to contribute to increased carbon sequestration in both soil and trees. Reaching over 30,000 farmers, the project is a successful example of the private sector working together with civil society to fight poverty and climate change.

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